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BeautiFill by LipoLife

Next Generation Fat Grafting and Liposuction

BeautiFillTM is the first laser-based fat transfer technology to
standardize the process, time and quality of fat transfer methods
with the least amount of adipose disruption.

BeautiFill’s closed-loop fat transfer capabilities combine laser,
aspiration and processing into one simple step. This reduces
procedure time while optimizing the entire fat transfer process.
High vitality fat collection permits successful, immediate fat
grafting with years of longevity potential.

Simultaneous lasing and suctioning simplifies the procedure
and significantly reduces treatment time.

Thermal energy and a unique radial emission fiber allows for
effective, homogenous skin tightening.

• Complete, all-in-one-solution
• High Fat Vitality for immediate grafting with no need for fillers
• Compact, portable, neatly-organized unit
• Maximum patient safety-with low power density lasing and local anesthesia
• Fully equipped liposuction and fat grafting kits
• Vast range of filler procedures based on natural resources
• High ROI-multiple treatment options, outpatient procedures and short treatment time.


The Leading Solution for optimal feminine wellness at any age

Alma FemiLift is a state-of-the-art, minimally-invasive outpatient solution that incorporates CO2 technology to provide optimal care for various feminine concerns. The procedure is fast, painless and completely safe, and provides highly effective results. It’s a versatile solution that enables medical practitioners to treat various feminine indications quickly and effectively. Procedures are conducted in an outpatient setting, and do not require anesthesia or downtime, ensuring that women can resume their routine – and regain their confidence – soon after.

FemiLift opens up your clinic to a wide range of patients, varying in age and stage in life, broadening your reach – and adding real value to your practice.

The benefits of alma femilift:
• Fast, homogeneous treatments
• Minimally invasive
• Outpatient treatment co2 technology: Clinically proven
• Optimal For collagen remodeling
• Safe, easy & effective
• Immediate results
• Hygienic, single use probe


MEndovenous Laser procedures with an advanced fiber pullback system

VascuLife™ by Alma Surgical is changing the endovenous treatment standard by providing the safest and most effective varicose vein solution available.

VascuLife features a unique robotic pull-back fiber system as well as a 360 degree radial emitting diode- allowing for complete and accurate treatment of great and small saphenous veins (GSV, SSV), yielding outstanding clinical results.

Robotic pullback device – Game-Changing Unique Safety


• Time-saving adjustable pullback speeds: Adjustable for 1, 2, 3, or 4 mm/sec based on vein diameter

• Automatic “Pull & Cool” model: New treatment modality allowing for pre-set “cooling” breaks at 1 cm intervals

• Robust pullback mechanism: Actively overcomes vein locking

• Vein collapse protection: Ceases pullback action and initiates a “standby” mode when it cannot resolve a pullback setback

• Cost savings: Compatible with the standard grey ‘Venflon’ accessory; no need for dedicated introduce

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